Latest Dances Taught

Hello Everybody

Latest dances taught:-

Beginner Level:

Monday’s class: 4 Little Heels, Feeling the Feelin’

Wednesdays class: Go Cat Go , 4 Little Heels, Feeling the Feelin’

Improver Level:

Monday’s class: Come on Let’s Dance, Makita

Wednesday’s class: Makita, Corn Don’t Grow

Thursday’s class: Corn Don’t Grow

Intermediate Level:

Wednesday’s class: The Other Side (Wow Hawaii)

Thursday’s class: Fireball, Walking On Air, Angel In Blue Jeans


This week’s new teaches:

Monday and Wednesday Beginner Classes – Bullfrog On A Log

Monday’s Improver Class – When I Found Love

Wednesday’s Improver/Intermediate Class – Woman Trouble

Thursday’s Intermediate Class – Angel In Blue Jeans (week 2)


Take care

Marina & Chris

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