10th Annual Dinner And Dance

Hello Everybody

Thank you to everyone that came and joined us for this our 10th Annual Dinner and Dance!

After the photo shoot, we were all seated ready for lunch then Chris got everyone to stand for his version of grace, a few giggles were heard after the AMEN bit lol!

Lots of things going on whilst lunch was being served, the quiz was the talking point and a little harder than the usual we all thought, plus balloon modelling with a few flying ones overhead, photos can be found in the gallery 🙂

Dancing commenced and a full floor was seen for most of the time. A few interruptions though with the quiz winners who were Steve, Trudy, John, Averil, Debbie, Adrian, Tina and Beverley, well done. The balloon modelling was won by Val as a Butterfly and then came the T-Shirt race Ha! Ha! (see video link here!) well done to Julie’s team.

More dancing (Playlist below) and then before we knew it was time to say goodbye.

It was a fabulous day, thank you to the staff of Lakeview Manor for looking after us all.

Another successful afternoon and thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful day.

Next years all booked, hopefully, you can make it so we can do it all again 🙂

Take Care

Happy Dancing

Marina & Chris x

Playlist for the day

Lonely Drum

Tell The World


Outside In

Whiskey Bridges

Beautiful Crazy

Cards On The Table

Oh Me Oh My Oh

Fireball EZ / Fireball

Mamma Mia Why Me?

Shine A Light (Click here for video)

Havana Cha

My Angel And Me

Keep It Simple

My Pretty Belinda



I Close My Eyes

Pot Of Gold

Rita’s Waltz

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

A Better Man

Champagne Promise

Tennessee Waltz Surprise

I’ll Be There For You

I Fell For You

All The Kings Horses

The Second I Saw You (Click here for video)


Thank you

Texas Time AB / Texas Time




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  1. Yvonne H

    Loved the videos see you Tomorrow xxxxxxx

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