Updated News for June / July 2015

We were asked to do a demonstration at the Honiton Annual “Charter Day” held at Allhallows Playing Field on Saturday 25th many thanks to Gary Elliott for inviting us along and to our class members and the general public who joined in.

It was a lovely sunny day and we demonstrated three dances – Up, Fireball and Cecelia before getting the public involved and joining in the fun with us.

Thanks to everyone who came along, check out the pictures here.


Latest Dances Taught in June and July

Beginner Level:

Monday’s class: Peligrosa, Come Back My Love, Ah! Si!

Tuesday’s class: The Galway Gathering, Gin & Tonic, Ah! Si! Little Red Book

Wednesday’s class: Little Red Book, Ah! Si! Triple Mix, Don’t Say Goodbye

Improver Level:

Monday’s class: Texas Boogie

Wednesday’s class: Here’s To Us, Till its Gone, After The Storm, Love Me Hate Me

Intermediate Level:

Wednesday’s: Haydown

Thursday’s class: Get Stupid


All dance sheets and videos can be found on this web site.


Remember to check out the events pages for any socials coming up and to check if the class in your area is running that week J

See you all soon

Take Care

Marina & Chris

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