Party Time 30th December 2017

What a great night with Billy Curtis and the surprise show from Karl Harry Winson Wow! I could not believe it.

Absolutely fantastic night thank you to everyone for coming along and making the night so enjoyable.

I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as I did, and to my family for taking part in the dancing, (We can work on your technique, you just need to give it time 

And thank you for the lovely cards and gifts so generous, words fail me 

And finally a massive thank you to Chris, for giving us all a good evenings entertainment. You can relax now and chill.

Three pages of pictures can be found by clicking the link here

There are three videos each can be found by clicking the following links   1. Party Time Prep     2. Stars In Your Eyes and  3. Your Carriage Awaits

Thank you all again

Happy New Year to you all



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