News Update and Latest Dances Taught

Hello Everybody

Thank you to St. Andrews Primary School for inviting us along for the fundraising event held on June 25th.

A very big thank you to all who came along and made the evening a great success photos can be found in the gallery.


Latest Dances Taught

Beginner Level:

Monday’s class: Billy Be Bad EZ

Tuesday’s class: Billy Be Bad EZ, Walking In The Sunshine

Wednesday’s class: Billy Be Bad EZ

Improver Level:

Monday’s class: That’s It I Quit, Lucky Day

Wednesday class: That’s It I Quit, Lucky Day

Thursday’s class: That’s It I Quit

Intermediate Level:

Thursday’s Class: Just Let Me


All dance sheets and videos can be found on this web site.

Remember to check out the events tab for any socials and classes near you J

See you all soon

Take Care

Marina & Chris

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