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“Outside In” Choreographed by Diana Dawson, nice easy beginner steps. Lovely song with a good beat by Lane Turner song called Outside Looking In.

“Babylon” Choreographed by Fred Whitehouse.  A lovely high-end beginner dance with one restart. Once they mastered the heel grind turns they really enjoyed it. Steps go well to the song by OMI.

“All The Kings Horses” Choreographed by Peter and Alison. Although this is classed as an Intermediate the Improvers coped really well with this dance. Goes along nicely with the music “Out of Sight” by Midland no tags or restarts, think this one will be with us for a while.

“Gypsy Queen” Choreographed by Hazel Pace – I have been dancing this for some time now, however, this is the first time I taught it to my Tuesdays class who have recently stepped up a notch from the beginner stage. Seemed like a challenge for them to start with but they soon mastered the steps to a great piece of music by Chris Norman.

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