July 2023 Update

Hello Everyone,

Classes are going well, due to the continued support from all our members – we thank you.

Welcome all the new members who have joined us. Stick with it as it can take time to feel comfortable with the steps and the line dance jargon – coaster, shuffle, pivots etc. You will get there, trust me 👍

Last month was particularly hot, and I hear it may do so again later this month. So remember to bring a bottle of water and wear some comfortable shoes.

All the dances taught have been updated and are on the dances page, with the most recent ones below.

Check out the Classes and the Events pages by double-clicking on the event for more information venue, address and map.

We are holding a summer T-Dance on 30th July (this month) – More details on the Events Page 😁

Most recent dances taught:

London Rhythm Swings – Beginner
D H S S – Beginner (Oldie to a nice country track) – Beginner
Waterfall – Improver
Queen Of Kings – Improver

Blow Your Mind – Intermediate
3 Tequila Floor – Intermediate
Ghosted – Intermediate

There will be no classes on the following dates

Wednesdays 2nd and 9th August – Hall in use
Monday 28th August – Bank Holiday
September 11th, 12th and 13th – Time Out (Back the following week 👍)

Enjoy the rest of this week 😉

Take care
Marina & Chris xx

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