Update and Latest Dances Taught

Hello Everybody

Next social due to be held at the Mackarness Hall, Honiton 28th February.

Dance request can be made using a smart phone (only) clicking on the following link below:-



Latest Dances Taught

Beginner Level:

Monday’s class: Piano Man, Big Blue Tree

Tuesday’s class: Piano Man, Skinny Genes

Wednesday’s class: Piano Man, Skinny Genes, Big Blue Tree

Improver Level:

Monday’s class: Locklin’s Bar, Big Blue Tree,

Wednesday’s class: Mona Lisa,

Intermediate Level:

Wednesday class: Better When I’m Dancin’, Open My Eyes

Thursday’s class: Better When I’m Dancin’,


All dance sheets and videos can be found on this web site.

Remember to check out the events tab for any socials and classes near you J

See you all soon

Take Care

Marina & Chris

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