Axminster Musical Theatre / Sunday Afternoon Social

A very big thank you to the “Axminster Musical Theatre” for arranging a fund raiser at Kilmington Village Hall and inviting us along.

The evening was well attended, with a generous show of food and a great raffle.

Chris taught his new dance “Travelling Man” which went well, rather a quick dance but everyone managed to pick it up.

The evening went by very quickly and plans have already been put in place for us to visit them again next year, so watch this space.

Thanks to everybody who came along and made it a great success. See all the pictures here.

Our Sunday Tea Dance was very well attended and the buffet was absolutely super which was supplied by everyone who came along.

Chris organised a quiz, which was rather hard, but it got everyone’s brain cells working.

One question on the sheet “Name four top UK hit singles that Cliff Richard had before 1985 that began with the letter W” well there you go, see what I mean. He says he will make it easier next time 🙂

A raffle took place half way through the afternoon and we managed 42 dances.

So a great afternoon was had by all, view the pictures here

Thank you to you all for making it a great Sunday afternoon

Sunday’s Playlist:

Blue Sky

One Step Forward


New Shades Of Blue

We Only Live Once

County Line Cha Cha

Little Lady Bug

Stop Me Now

Patient Heart

Gin & Tonic

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Wagon Wheel Rock


Do Little Do

Don’t Say Goodbye

The Bomp

Cut A Rug

Dangerous In Love

Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Darling Hold My Hand

Lipstick Powder & Paint

My Pretty Belinda

Walk The Line

Get Stupid

Bullfrog On A Log


Tell The World

Triple Mix

Up On The Roof


Until Dawn/Get It On

Cowboy Charleston

4 Little Heels


Rocket To The Sun

Gently Does It

Travelling Man (Chris’ new dance sheet to follow)

My First Love


Summer Celebration

Take care see you all soon

Marina & Chris

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